Sports in the United States

Across the country Global UGRAD participants have been enjoying a wide range of sports activities, both on and off campus. For many, this is their first time watching or joining athletic activities typical of the United States. We asked students to describe their experiences, so read on to learn more!

Mark and Lucia participating in the “International Night” halftime show at a Kent State University basketball game

Mark Virgil Jamer | Philippines | Kent State University

“This picture shows Lucia Mijangos (Guatemala) and me (Mark) beaming with pride as we raised our flags high during halftime at the Kent State vs. University of Akron basketball game! One of the things I admire about Kent State is its incredibly diverse student body. During ‘International Night,’ I was amazed to see so many countries represented by amazing individuals. With such diversity, there’s so much space to learn from one another and share our unique cultures. My fellow UGRAD from Guatemala and I discovered so many similarities in our cultures despite our countries being far apart!”

Dren rooting for the Miami Heat in his first NBA game

Dren Kika | Kosovo | Florida Gulf Coast University

“Detroit Pistons at Miami Heat: My first ever NBA game! The Heat did not disappoint, even though Detroit gave them a good run for their money. I knew that Americans are known to put on a show whenever there’s a sports game, but I was impressed with the lively atmosphere last night.”

Sreypich scaling the climbing wall at SFSU

Sreypich Chen | Cambodia | San Francisco State University

“It was such an exciting experience when I first tried climbing at the Mashouf Wellness Center at SFSU. It was more difficult than I expected, as it required courage, motivation, and commitment. When I was climbing, I felt so scared and my legs were shaking. I didn’t dare to look down because I was afraid I would fall. As a short girl, I have never tried to play sports because I always thought I wouldn’t fit in any physical sport by nature. However, I have built the courage to do a lot of new things since I came to the United States. Besides climbing, I also learned how to play ping pong, volleyball, and badminton. I made some new friends in the sports center as well. I’m so happy for this opportunity that allows me to leave my comfort zone to try new things and experiences.”

We are happy to see UGRADs branch out and try new things and are eager to hear more about their adventures!