Travel and Adventures

Throughout the semester, Global UGRAD students have used their weekends and spring break to explore cities and regions across the United States. From Chicago to Los Angeles to New York City, Global UGRADs have visited many popular cities as well as a number of sites off the beaten path. Below are some stories and highlights that Global UGRADs have shared about their most exciting travel adventures!

Weeryue Chiapaoyue | Laos | Wright State University

“I had a wonderful time in Los Angeles, California and Maui, Hawaii. I spent time with my friends whom I hadn’t seen in many years, and we explored the island together. I also visited Haleakalā National Park which was an unforgettable experience. The iconic volcano site was just so beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed Los Angeles as well, and finally seeing some of the famous places in this megacity felt like a dream.”

Steve Odira | Kenya | Delta State University

“I had an amazing Easter weekend in Indiana, a bit further north in the United States than my host university! I spent time with my American friend’s lovely family in Columbus – the weather was just perfect, not too hot, not too cold, just a tad windy. I rocked my cowboy outfit on the golf course while jamming to country music! I also had a blast riding bikes around the neighborhood and even did some Easter egg hunting. And let’s not forget the highlight – playing with Meemaw’s horses in the countryside! Such a thrilling experience overall, I can’t wait to do it again!“

Katia Espinoza Bonilla | El Salvador | Mississippi Valley State University

Katia and friends enjoying the colorful sights of New Orleans

“I am excited to share the experiences I had when visiting Louisiana for three days, especially my time in New Orleans. Our first stop was the French Quarter, where we walked around and visited various places with many souvenir paintings. There was a wide variety of items, and I particularly enjoyed the night tour. We visited the New Orleans Jazz Museum and the Cabildo, where I encountered incredibly picturesque pianos. Exploring further, we delved into the city’s rich history and significance. We strolled through Jackson Square, basking in its delightful atmosphere filled with vibrant energy. It’s truly a charming and emblematic locale, where we also savored delectable cuisine. On the final day, we had a lot of contact with nature. We visited Armstrong Park, where the atmosphere and views were impressive, Lake End Park, and Fontainebleau Beach.”

Muslimakhon Karimova | Tajikistan | West Liberty University

Muslimakhon and Shristi Thapa (Nepal) fulfilling childhood experiences at Warner Bros. Studio

“We had the chance to fulfill our long-held dream of visiting Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles. We immersed ourselves in a world of childhood, witnessing the actual filming locations of many renowned American TV series. We learned fascinating facts, captured memorable photographs, and gathered countless impressions from this incredible experience.”