Spring 2019 Favorite Study Spots

With midterms well underway, the Global UGRAD students have been busy with exams and assignments. Check out some of their favorite study spots around campus this semester!

Yuory at Nazareth College’s Library

Yuory Chhun, Cambodia, Nazareth College: It has been so hectic with exams and assignments last week. I have been spending most of my time at the library. I spent around eight hours at the library on Sunday last week. The library is like my second home. It is so quiet; there is also individual study places. Hence, I can fully concentrate on my studies when I am there, and it is warm.



German (right) and Sultan (left) at FDU’s Frank Giovatto Library


German Quesada, Costa Rica, Fairleigh Dickinson University: The Frank Giovatto Library is a really nice place to study. What I really like about this place is that it has quiet places to study but also a gaming room and social rooms where you can have study breaks or eat something! Normally, I do not study alone. I really enjoy studying next to someone to share facts or have a discussion about different topics even though our majors are totally different. That is why I study with Sultan (Global UGRAD student from Kazakhstan) or with Clara (a German friend).


WLU’s International Student Office lounge


Yamna Menel Bekhouche, Algeria, West Liberty University: My favorite place to study is not, as you may think, a desk in the library. It’s actually a comfortable couch in the international office. I spend my weekends studying there. The place is comfortable, quiet, and near to the kitchen. It’s simply the best place to study for me.





Alyaksandra at the University of Wyoming Library

Alyaksandra Pertrakouskaya, Belarus, University of Wyoming: The first thing I love is the variety of places to study: you can use the computer laboratory, discuss homework with your peers on the group study floor, as well as find a quiet and isolated place to not get distracted by anything. Secondly, the library provides a variety of books on my major. The first time I figured that out, I had to stop myself from taking all of them. Lastly, one part of the library is open 24 hours a day, so instead of disturbing your roommate when you study late, you can go there.