Sharing Culture in Upstate New York

The past weekend I got the chance to present my country, the Republic of Macedonia, at the International Day Fair organized by Mendon Center Elementary School of Rochester, New York. At this event, representatives of different cultures from all over the world came to share a part of their heritage and way of living.

I believe events like this have an enormous significance because they create an environment for understanding and perspective building, and they help us create a broader perspective of what the world is really like. For me personally, it was not only a chance to explore cultures I’ve never encountered before, but also help other people get to know my own culture and what makes it unique.

Another reason why I think this event was important is that it made me realize and understand that we are all more similar than different. We may possess different traditions and habits but we all strive for health, happiness, and love, and that’s exactly what unites us. By exchanging ideas, styles, and traditions we are one step closer to breaking down barriers and overcoming stereotypes.








Written by Iskra Talevska, 2018-2019 Global UGRAD student from Macedonia at Nazareth College