Alumni Gathering: Vietnam

It is sometimes hard to arrange a face-to-face meeting because Global UGRAD alumni are based in different cities. On top of that, our time schedules vary. While some are studying, others are working. Despite these obstacles, fellow Global UGRAD alumni and I managed to gather online for a call on a Saturday evening.

Because some of us didn’t know each other, we started with introductions. As we gradually loosened up, we began to talk about what we did after returning to Vietnam. The medical school girls, Mai and Huong, are on their way to finishing their courses. Truc will graduate in February 2019 with an international relations major. Trang participated in other study abroad opportunities in Japan and Taiwan. Ngoc Minh just graduated. Lien, with her business background, is beginning to work in real estate. While Linh discussed start-up ideas, Long said he is working overtime at his game company. As for me, I accepted a media position. Despite our different paths, we continue to be united under Global UGRAD.

When we hear the words “Global UGRAD,” one descriptor immediately came to everyone’s minds: “life-changing.” We all expressed how much we miss the experience – the school and the resident assistants. I personally felt an emptiness that resonated with everyone. Our experience was truly amazing. The program inspired some of us to pursue our future careers, to discover our art potential, or to provide us with the confidence to excel in our projects. It helped us explore and discover who we truly are. Global UGRAD gave us a chance to look closely into our own abilities and fuel our potential.

Just when we hung up, a message popped up. It was Thanh Minh, who has just returned from his night job.

“I am late, aren’t I?”

Yes, he was late for this call. Fortunately, the 2017-2018 class secretary, Huang, just organized a Facebook group called [Global] UGRAD VIETNAM; it won’t be long until we will gather again.

Written by Dinh Bao Ngoc, 2016-2017 Global UGRAD student from Vietnam at Chatham University