Cultural Enrichment Allowances

Global UGRAD continues to enrich students’ understanding of American culture. Thanks to the cultural enrichment allowance they receive, students can engage first-hand in authentic U.S. cultural experiences. Perhaps no one puts it better than the students themselves!

Natthanitcha Khemnapak | Thailand | West Liberty University

“I have always been and always will be a big Harry Potter fan. So, I used this opportunity to explore and have fun at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I’d been walking around nonstop since I couldn’t get enough of this excitement. I also couldn’t stop smiling. It was a wonderful experience.”

Nevena Jovanovic | Montenegro | University of Central Missouri

“Did you know that no sitting President of the United States is allowed to visit the top of the Gateway Arch and enjoy the views from the observation deck? The security risks have been considered too high for the Secret Service to protect the leader of the free world at this location, and as a result, not a single standing president has been to the top of the monument.

Fortunately, I’m not the president of the United States of America! Standing on top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, I saw the Mississippi River and the states of Missouri and Illinois. It was an amazing view from up there!”

Claudia Patricia “Paty” Rivera | Honduras | St. Cloud State University

“I spent Thanksgiving break in New York. My favorite part was the Summit Observation Deck. The view was breathtaking. I took a bus tour in which I was able to explore the city a lot. I was able to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade which was something I had on my bucket list after watching it every year on TV.”

Muhammad Azizul bin Sazali | Malaysia | University of Maine

“Last Halloween, I decided to explore Chicago with other UGRADs from a different university (plus their local and international friends)! We bought a city pass to do several things:

  1. We went to the top of Willis Tower. The view of Chicago from up there was amazing – all those city lights looked fantastic.
  2. We hopped on a boat for a Chicago Architecture River Cruise. It was neat learning about the city’s buildings from the water. A different perspective, for sure.
  3. We wrapped things up at Navy Pier and went on the Ferris wheel. Riding high, we saw awesome views of Lake Michigan and the city at night. It was like a picture-perfect scene.

Looking back, the whole Chicago adventure with these new friends was fantastic. Laughing together and being in awe of the city made it a really great Halloween break. Good times!”

Alua Baidildayeva | Kazakhstan | Augustana University

“Strolling through the historic halls of Harvard University in Boston was an inspiring experience. The rich academic atmosphere and the beautiful architecture left me feeling motivated. The night cruise in Boston was magical, with city lights reflecting on the water, giving me a sense of wonder and peace.”