Alumni Update: Zimbabwe

Student wearing mask and Georgia College sweatshirt standing next to sign reading African School of Bible MissionsHello, this is Michael Mbulelo Ncube from Zimbabwe. I was a Global UGRAD student in the fall of 2019, and I studied at Georgia College and State University.

Ever since I got back home, I’ve hit the ground running. From my time in the U.S., I was incredibly inspired by the infrastructural development of the U.S. public education system, particularly in Georgia. My volunteering experience with Baldwin County Communities and Schools gave me a chance to interact with some things that we may consider “ privileges” in African schools but, in truth, are general necessities for the growth of an individual in the education system, such as access to computers, WiFi, and much more, to be able to do research.

Not knowing whilst I had this in mind, a nearby school in my area was considering me as a candidate as Director of Special Projects based on some work I had done with them on empowering young African girls. This would make me the youngest in the school’s Development Committee and the youngest member who has ever been on the committee. I was surrounded by people twice my age and twice my experience. I’m truly grateful for this selection. I am also eternally grateful for the tools we were equipped with at the Global UGRAD leadership summit in Washington D.C., such as grant writing and grant proposal. I look forward to using these skills in creating infrastructural development in my current position.

Man wearing a backwards baseball hat and wearing a mask standing next to woman in a pink blazer also wearing a mask in front of a school
Michael standing next to Deputy Head Master of the Zimbabwe Missions

I am extremely proud and blessed to announce that I have been pursuing an internship at the prestigious Zimbabwe Missions, a non-profit organization. Whilst at Zimbabwe Missions Trust, I had the duty of developing a Bible College – from the administration, to constitution development, to program structures – basically the core of the development of the school. Development of the school has been one of the organization’s objectives to educate and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. I was tasked with the role from inception to completion under the guidance of what the directors of the company wanted and directly under the supervision of one of the brains of the operation, Mr. Evans. As of December 2021, I have completed the task as the Head of the Project. I present to you the African School of Bible Missions, administratively orchestrated by tirelessly hard work and sacrifice. I want to thank Zimbabwe Missions for the opportunity, and God first and foremost -all praises to the Most High. This experience, coupled with what I learned with Global UGRAD, has truly enhanced my project development and management skills as the youngest member on the team.