Study Tips from Global UGRAD Students

Midterm exams are around the corner, and, for some students, this can be a very stressful time of the semester. There is an endless number of resources available online and on campuses to help reduce test anxiety. Here, our Global UGRAD students offer some study tips and tricks.

Students stands outside on a sidewalk. In the distance there is a tall building.
Hakyou Be at West Virginia University

“I do have two study tips: always listen and take notes during class, and never wait until the exam day to review the lesson. I always review what I have learned or what I will learn before I go to sleep. 30-minute learning every day is better than nothing.” Hakyou Be, Cambodia, West Virginia University

“I seek assistance from our college’s writing center, schedule in more study hours, and pray before I study. I also have an indoor plant on my table. Looking at the plant is one of the ways I reset whenever I get tired of studying.” Eh Sree, Burma, Keuka College

“I would recommend watching Study With Me videos on YouTube to help you concentrate and stay motivated, or going to the library and giving yourself time slots to complete things. I would also recommend the use of Google Calendar and Google Keep Notes to help you schedule your daily activities and create to-do lists. That way, you have clear goals every day and can hold yourself accountable.” Elvira Rodriguez, Panama, Castleton University

“I usually take notes in class and put them together at the end of the day. During the weekend, I review all of them to prepare for the next week. If possible, I talk to my professors once a week to clarify some things. I will also make sure to get enough rest at night (at least 6 hours) and eat on time so that I can focus better in class.” Siti Khadijah Morsalin, Malaysia, Castleton University