Alumni Update: Bhim Tamang, Nepal

To be honest, I did not want to return home after the Global UGRAD Program. Sad but true, I had to come back. However, I flew back home with lots of beautiful and unforgettable memories of my American friendship family (Mom, Dad, Jesse, and dogs), classmates, Global UGRAD friends I made at the End of Program Summit, World Learning advisors, and the state of New Mexico. First my experience was limited to my country, but now I have a global network of friends. I was fortunate enough to get this lifetime experience and this program has proven to become the stairway to heaven for me. I believe the program helped me to explore myself and become more critical and competent.

Bhim Tamang at his desk as a United Nations Trainee

While I was in the U.S., I did not know about the development that had been taking place within me. I realized it only when I sat down for the exam and interview to work for the United Nations. The way I delivered my answers, presented myself in front of experts, and communicated with professionals had somehow improved. These changes were due to the activities I completed as a Global UGRAD including the Global UGRAD Online Professional and Academic Learning course (OPAL), replying to Monday emails from World Learning, video conferences with advisors, completing community service work, presenting in classes, and completing research papers. Every little thing contributed to boosting my undiscovered and discovered skills.

This experience finally helped me to obtain a position at the United Nations. Currently, I am a Trainee at United Nations Nepal and I am happy because I believe it’s a foundation for my career. Success cannot be achieved overnight.  I am currently utilizing the knowledge gained so far on socially excluded groups of my country, Nepal. Working under the highly qualified professionals for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion unit, I am helping seniors on research for policy formation. While working, I am learning the real context of my country’s people who are left behind. After my Global UGRAD experience, I am also able to provide an international perspective on such peoples’ issues. I believe my small contribution can make some difference to the people who are left behind.

As a Trainee at the United Nations, I am also gaining administrative and management skills in a professional way. In the near future through all the professional knowledge I have gained, I will continue the same work and try to contribute more for people who are in need. I know this is not the end. There is still a lot to learn. Through Global UGRAD, I have seen that learning is fun.

Written by Bhim Tamang, 2018-2019 Global UGRAD student from Nepal at New Mexico Highlands University