Alumni Gathering: Albania

Once a UGRAD, always a UGRAD! On 20th of October, Albanian Global UGRAD alumni organized a meet-up. Although we have been talking with each other constantly, it was the first time that all of us, two generations (2016-17, 2017-18) of Global UGRADs in Albania, came together to share our own experiences in the U.S. We found many similarities in our experiences, including the way we spent the time on campus, a lot of traveling, and networking throughout it all. On the other hand, each experience had a different feeling for each and everyone. We shared a lot of memories.

At the moment, for some months and for some years after the program, everyone is engaged with their daily activities. Erisa, Eva, Romin and Megi are working in the industry of Software Development while Florjan is an intern in the Parliament of Albania. Everyone emphasized how Global UGRAD completely reshaped their future by reaching beyond the limit they once considered for their future. Erisa is working to continue her studies in France, where she spent another exchange semester, while the others are open to new opportunities.

Alumni meetings will continue to be organized in order to grow the Global UGRAD Program in our country. We want to continue to make the bond stronger because we know how important that is for us and the next generations. In this regard, we also discussed the idea of a collaboration by participating in another program with a group project. Let’s see how that goes.

Hugs from Albania!

Written by Eva Vranici, 2017-18 Global UGRAD student from Albania at Keene State College