Alumni Update: Where is my UGRAD Post Now? Panama Edition

Global UGRAD Panama REALLY loves their Global UGRAD posts, which makes us REALLY happy!  We are excited to share with you below the updates of many of our Panamanian Global UGRAD alumni.

Karan Kishinani, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Wayne State University

Karan in his graduation gown wearing medals and holding his diploma and UGRAD Post

After returning home upon the completion my Global UGRAD journey, I continued my education as a senior student at the Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá. Today I stand with my Global UGRAD Postcard in my graduation ceremony, being the computer systems engineer with the highest score in my university! Now I am embarking on the next phase of my life, as I will soon begin my master of science in computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology this fall in the United States.

Jean Frías, Global UGRAD 2013-14 at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

Top: Jean's Lincoln University folder Bottom: Jean holds his Lincoln University UGRAD Post in his classroom surrounded by hist students working at their desks

I went to  Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, and I found my Global UGRAD post among some sheets in my senior seminar folder. Today, I took it to the school where I am currently teaching English, and I took a picture with my counseling group, 6°B, while we were in our writing class.

Evelyn Espinosa, Global UGRAD 2013-2014 at Missouri State University

Evelyn graduating from a training course

Where is my Global UGRAD post now? My Global UGRAD post rests in peace in heaven. I don’t have it with me anymore, but I certainly keep in my heart all the memories that I had with it in the USA. The picture that I sent shows my coach, a friend and I, in our graduation day of the Dale Carnegie training course in Panama. It was a great seminar to improve our business communication skills.


Lourdes Vega Torres, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Minnesota State University, Mankato

Lourdes' UGRAD Post on her bed with her Panama scarf, hat, schoolbag, doll, and passportA little Panamanian dreamer with a can-do spirit was always accompanied by my Global UGRAD Post. Taking her to enchanted places that will be never be forgotten!

Vicky Gonzalez Balbuena, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Western Washington University

Vicky's UGRAD Post on a table with a succulent, calendar, and notebookKeep your dreams alive.

Team Global UGRAD Panama 2014-15 

Gaspar, Maria, Ana, Alejandra, and Javier stand in front of a river with the city in the background at night
From left to right: Gaspar, Maria, Ana, Alejandra and Javiar

Gaspar Vargas (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

We were fortunate to meet up (Ricardo couldn’t make it due to distance since it happened suddenly, though he was present in our minds) and share our experiences abroad. Furthermore, I keep documents from the US, including my Global UGRAD post which I treasure. As for my life, I graduated from BA in English in 2016, and I am currently working as an English teacher in a remote area of my home country passionate doing what I love.

Maria Fernanda Tom Wong (University of Arkansas)

I have recently graduated from a B.S. industrial and management engineering. Currently I am working as a Beauty Product Executive for CHANEL in Latin America. As for this year, I am planning to develop my professional strengths and in a near future start looking forward to studying my Master’s degree, mainly oriented towards business. To all my fellow Global UGRADers, my best wishes on your lives and projects, hoping that someday we will all meet again. Hugs!

Ana Sofia Guerrero (North Dakota State University)

Sadly, I lost my Global UGRAD post, but that gave the Global UGRADs from our exchange year (2014-2015) a reason to get together! I am due to graduate from my bachelor in food engineering this August; in the meantime, I am working full-time as a quality supervisor in a company that manufactures food products for the Panamanian market.

Alejandra Avila (Nazareth College)

Hello Global UGRADers, I just want to know how are you doing and what have you done in these three years after our Global UGRAD experience? I have finally graduated, and I had the opportunity to pursue a career in my field, which is teaching. Now I am working in a new personal project, but I will tell you in my next post. Now it is your turn to tell me what you are doing. It is always nice to know about my friends from other countries. Hugs from Panama.

Javier Avila (Wayne State University)

It is always great to be able to get together with these amazing people; it has been a while since the Global UGRAD experience and a few things have happened. I have graduated as civil engineer; I got a job in a multinational construction company. Now I’m living in the capital of my country which leads me to tell you that unfortunately I don’t have my UGRAD post now, but it is safe in my hometown. I’m looking forward to reading about you guys, what you have been doing these years, your projects and goals.