Global UGRAD Bucket Lists

One month into their exchange program, Global UGRAD participants are hard at work setting ambitious goals to make the most of their semester. Now that they have familiarized themselves with campus and settled into life in the United States, they have begun to think about the events, activities, or objectives they hope to accomplish before they depart in May. As you’ll see below, they have numerous personal, academic, and professional activities on their bucket lists!

Raksa Ma (third from left) and friends watching the Super Bowl at Kansas State University

For many students, sports offer an exciting, and at times, eye-opening view of the culture of the United States. Several students recently watched the Super Bowl, which, for many, was the first time they saw a game of American football.

“Happily rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs at a Super Bowl party on campus!”

– Raksa Ma | Cambodia | Kansas State University

On campus, many students are aiming for a strong academic performance, while also planning to travel and enjoy cultural experiences:

“I would like to go to New York City and watch The Lion King on Broadway, as well as make it onto my host university’s Dean’s List for the semester.”

– Zothile Zulu | Zimbabwe | Presbyterian College

Loan Le enjoying a cycling trip and nature near campus

“Arkansas is one of the most naturally beautiful states with stunning mountain vistas and clear running streams. There are many mountain bike trails for us to choose from in our community. Recently, we cycled from the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville to Lake Fayetteville. Cycling through the mountains, lakes, and hills is a refreshing experience that helps me relieve stress. The fresh air, the sound of flowing streams, and the chirping of birds made it a beautiful and calming experience.”

– Loan Le | Vietnam | University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

To little surprise, students have many goals beyond their campuses. Classic destinations and excursions for American cultural enrichment continue to spark curiosity and excitement in Global UGRAD students:

Lydia Garae relaxing in nature at a retreat in Michigan

“This weekend, we went to Traverse City for a retreat camp, where students from different universities in Michigan came together to worship. It was an amazing experience. The campsite is near the beautiful Lake Ann, where you can have peace of mind. We did many activities there, mostly playing sports, hiking, skiing, and meeting new friends from other universities, including the University of Michigan, Central Michigan University, and Western Michigan University.”

– Lydia Garae | Vanuatu | Saginaw Valley State University