Campus Visit: University of Wisconsin Stout

In October 2023, Jordan Ferrick (Global UGRAD Program Officer) had the privilege of visiting the University of Wisconsin Stout (UW Stout). Located in the charming town of Menomonie, Wisconsin, the campus is an attractive blend of academia and natural beauty. The campus itself is spread across 125 acres. With a student population of over 9,500, UW Stout manages to strike a balance between size and intimacy. The polytechnic university status distinguishes it, emphasizing a hands-on, applied learning approach.

Jordan smiles with Jovan Raickovic, a UGRAD participant from Montenegro.

Upon arrival, Jordan’s first stop was the International Office of Student Services (ISS), where she was greeted by Danielle Clarizio, the Assistant Director of International Student Services. Her warmth and enthusiasm set the tone for an insightful visit. The office serves as a hub for fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, catering to the needs of students from around the globe. Danielle and the ISS play a pivotal role in nurturing a sense of belonging for Global UGRAD students. Through personalized assistance, cultural orientation programs, and ongoing support, the ISS office ensures that international students feel safe and welcomed within the UW Stout community. By providing resources on campus life, academic services, and local cultural integration, the office facilitates a smooth transition for UGRAD students. UGRAD students’ genuine appreciation for their placement at UW Stout reflects the office’s achievement in making a place where students can begin to build a community and feel at home.

Jordan smiles with Saranlatt Thongborisut, a UGRAD participant from Thailand.

One striking feature of UW Stout is its broad array of majors, spanning STEM disciplines, the arts, and humanities. The university’s commitment to excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is evident, offering students a solid foundation for future success in these fields. However, UW Stout is not solely focused on STEM. The arts and humanities departments contribute to the wealth of academic offerings. From creative writing to fine arts, students have the opportunity to explore and develop their passions in an environment that encourages creativity and critical thinking.

Jordan’s tour of campus included a stop at one of the university’s labs.

The visit not only provided insight into the academic offerings but also showcased the strong sense of community that defines UW Stout. Students, faculty, and staff collaborate to create an environment that fosters learning, growth, and mutual support.

Jordan’s visit to the UW Stout was a delightful experience. The international office’s dedication to supporting students from diverse backgrounds was unmistakable. The campus, with its beautiful setting and commitment to holistic education, left Jordan with a deep appreciation for the university’s values and support for the Global UGRAD students and program.