Nigora Umarova Attends “Future We Want” Model UN

Nigora Umarova at the United Nations BuildingBeing a Global UGRAD student gave me lots of opportunities to acquire new experiences, to learn lots of new things and to make a bunch of friends from around the world. All of these have largely happened during the time I’ve been attending my host university – the University of Tennessee Knoxville, which has become my second home. However, another forum which enabled me to experience all those new memorable events in my life is New York, particularly, my participation in the FWWMUN conference, which is really worth talking about.

FWWMUN is a shortened version of “Future We Want” Model United Nations and the simulation of a real United Nations conference. The conference itself was held largely in the UN headquarters with some other places serving as spots for opening and closing ceremonies, networking events and dances.

The most exciting thing about FWWMUN was visiting the UN headquarters. I explored the building from inside, looking at the pictures of historical figures and elegant conference rooms. I learned about the process of how the MUNs are held as it was technically my first MUN. I also became friends with people from around the globe, including Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Indonesia, Austria, Italy and the US itself.

Overall, my view of FWWMUN is, in a sense, was a spot for people from diverse backgrounds to present their points on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and it also showed in practice how to do so by ensuring inclusivity, equality and justice. It is a conference which gave me a chance to make new friends, gain new experiences, knowledge and to attain everlasting memories.

Written by Nigora Umarova, a 2017-2018 Global UGRAD student from Uzbekistan studying at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville