Nursuluu Suleikeeva Participates in Model UN in New York


Last year when I was watching the Model United Nation conference in New York from “Opportunities Portal,” online, I could just dream of going to the United Nation in my little town in Kyrgyzstan. This year I received an amazing opportunity. While studying in the US, I had the opportunity to go to the Model United Nation in New York! With the help of the Global UGRAD program, I could visit my dream conference at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. My dream came true!

The conference was three days long. Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, preceded over the opening ceremonies and his message was ‘cooperation is better than conflict’. The next two days participants discussed nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and world military resources reallocation for sustainable development. Every participant had to represent a different country. Each participant needed to do research on their assigned country’s situation on politics, economics, history, relationship with other countries to military services. I was impressed when participants role-played as real ambassadors.

What surprised me was that some participants from developed countries wanted to go back to their country. They were so patriotic, compared and complained of their new environment while participants from developing countries were amazed by their new surroundings. This made me question my patriotism to my country. Then I realized it is not my fault if I am becoming global citizen. I think people should be global citizens regardless of how others feel. I did not miss an opportunity to connect with others and learn new things. I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Written by Nursuluu Suleikeeva (Kyrgyzstan), a 2017-2018 Global UGRAD student at Lewis Clark State College