China Alumni Update by Shuodong Liu

Shuodong stands in front of a conference room

I’m very pleased to share some of my post-Global UGRAD stories here, some brand-new experiences during the past 10 months. Since I went back to China after my exchange life in Detroit, I graduated from university in June 2017 with a bachelor degree of engineering. I eventually didn’t choose electrical engineering as my career direction. I believe that my exchange life played a critical role on me wisely following my inner voice to make a decision. During my life in Wayne State University, I found my consciousness awakened to absorb new thoughts. I realized that I still have limitless possibility and approaches to achieve my life.

It took me months to get it but I successfully started my career at Accenture as an instructional designer, specializing in providing gamified learning solutions for enterprises to make employee training more enjoyable and effective while reducing costs. Our team won two gold medals and two silver medals in 2017 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in learning, known as the ‘Academy Awards’ in HR field. I’m satisfied with my current job and striving to get as much experience and skills as I can.

Meanwhile, I also devoted my spare time to participating in student Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. I have been getting involved in MUN with various roles for nearly six years, and last month, I led a delegation of 30 high school students to Chicago as their faculty advisor in MUNUC (Model United Nations of the University of Chicago). The five-day MUN conference profoundly impressed me with delegates’ confidence, mental agility and focus on international issues. It prompted me to rethink the proper way of educating the next generation, as a lifelong expectation. After that, we went for campus tours in some of the most famous universities like MIT, Harvard and Yale – the excitement when I was wandering these campus was completely beyond description. I even made a reunion with my advisor Lauren! It made me think back to my Global UGRAD life and honestly, I missed those days so badly. I will definitely try opportunities of getting further education abroad in the future.

A long time ago, I found my biggest fear was life itself, since I have no idea of what kind of person I’m supposed to be. I feel grateful to my Global UGRAD life because it raised me up when I was suffering, and got my mind liberated to chasing after dreams. I still can’t say I got the answer but life is starting to make sense for me. Focus on the present moment, while keep exploring for a splendid life. And I really wish that I could see around the world as much as I could! I wish my fellow Global UGRADs and World Learning advisers all the best!

Written by Shuodong Liu (China), a 2016-17 Global UGRAD student at Wayne State University