Alumni Edition: Where is my UGRAD Post Now?

Johanny Amaya Melgar, Honduras, Global UGRAD 2015-16 at Emporia State University

Johanny sits under a mural of a colorful woman with the words "Poder E Igualdad"

From where I stand today – at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras – I help to empower the most vulnerable youth in my community through English language, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. It’s incredible to see these youth actually smiling and dreaming of a better future, with them in it.

Prabina Regmi, Nepal, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at University of Missouri Columbia

Purnima with her UGRAD Post at her home university campus

The happiness when I received the Global UGRAD post is unexplainable. One year back, I was exploring new cultures, education systems, and new places. Today I am moving forward with new energy and with all the learnings and experiences I gained. This post was the first post of my life which made me so excited that I explored almost all corners of my university in order to take a perfect snap. Now I am at my university at Nepal and I felt suitable to take a picture in front of the university name. Proud to be a Global UGRAD!

Edymar Hurtado, Venezuela, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Chatham University

Edymar and her UGRAD Post on her home university campus

I keep my Global UGRAD Post in the same folder that you gave me, in a special corner of my desk, where I have all my certificates, souvenirs, and things that remind me of my time in the U.S. For the picture I wanted to do it at my university, UCAB (Andrés Bello Catholic University), since it’s the place where I keep using all of the knowledge I gained in Chatham. I have a special bond with these two institutions, and of course with World Learning.

Sandra Sanabria, Paraguay, Global UGRAD 2015-16 at University of Southern Indiana

Sandra in her office with school flags behind her

I’m living my dream life. The Global UGRAD Program helped me realize my love for international education and my passion to spread the word about different opportunities. I am currently the Jr. Adviser at EducationUSA Paraguay and I have the privilege to guide people on their journey to study in the U.S. I’m happy to say my Global UGRAD post is with me in the office, as a constant reminder of how blessed I am to be a Global UGRAD and the responsibility and honor I have to help others achieve their dreams. #OnceaUGRADalwaysaUGRAD

Ngoc Dinh, Vietnam, Global UGRAD 2016-2017 at Chatham University

Ngoc holds her UGRAD Post by her home university sign, an engraved stone

I am currently at my home university in Vietnam. I took a picture of the Global UGRAD post near the university sign, since attending the school has been one important milestone in my life journey.

Mitrashi Das, India, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Chatham University

Mitrashi at a cultural presentation

Although the Global UGRAD post is a home, and I’m living away (pursuing my masters in another city), I managed to dig up a picture of myself with it. I cherish my Global UGRAD experience every single day, and I love to go back in time by looking at the pictures of my semester exchange. What what?!! UGRAD!!!

Umesh Nepali, Nepal, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at West Liberty University

Umesh in alley in Nepal holding his UGRAD Post. A woman sitting on a stool looks towards him.

It was an amazing and life-changing experience in America. Due to the exposure of myself in a new environment, it helped me to know myself and my abilities better. Thank you, Global UGRAD.

Rahmat (Alan) Aulani, Indonesia, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Saginaw Valley State University

Alan with his class at the Bengkulu English Village

Being a tutor does not mean that we are better than others. It is just all about passion and the “feeling” we get by simply watching people around us get better and closer to their dreams! This picture was taken right after my class in Kampung Inggris Rafflesia (English Village), Bengkulu.

Mai Quynh Can, Vietnam, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Castleton University

Mai wearing medical scrubs at the Eye Trauma Department

This is me and my post, we are standing in National Opthamology hospital (in Hanoi, Vietnam).



Hellen Ogando Taveres, Dominican Republic, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Tennessee Technical University

Hellen holds her UGRAD Post in front of the window in her office

This is a picture from the office that I work at, and that’s the city of Santo Domingo in the background. Since I came back I got a job (which I love) as a junior developer/consultant for a company that develops software solutions for the financial sector. I have also been working on my thesis so I can graduate this year! My thesis is about a mobile application to detect plant diseases on the mango using computer vision. Once a UGRAD, always a UGRAD!


Purnima Gyawali, Nepal, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at American University

Purnima, wearing scrubs, holds her UGRAD Post

A short duration experience has brought a long-term impact on me. Global UGRAD has made me more rational and confident. As an emerging doctor, I am looking forward to contributing to the health care system of Nepal. Thank you, World Learning, for giving me a lifetime moment to cherish. Once a UGRAD, always a UGRAD.



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