Staying Connect: How to be a Good Global UGRAD Alumnus

As many Global UGRAD Alumni will tell you, their time in the United States was a time of growth and self-discovery. When participants return home, some change majors, make new friends, start clubs on campus, or even more!

No matter what you do when you go home, you are a success. Keep exploring when you go home; there aren’t any limits to how far you can go. If you choose to implement some kind of project, remember that your Global UGRAD family is always here to support you.

 Here are some  ways you can stay connected:

  1. The Department of State’s Alumni group
  2. Global UGRAD Alumni Network on Linkedin
  3. Submit your updates to your World Learning Program team.
  4. World Learning’s Advancing Leaders Fellowship. Keep an eye out for us to post about the 2018 competition!


And remember…

Once a UGRAD, always a UGRAD!