First Impressions

Several weeks ago, we asked our Global UGRADs to describe their first impressions of their host campuses. Some casually explained their campus alligators, while others spoke about just how incredibly BIG their campus library is. Check out more about our spring Global UGRAD participants’ first impressions of their ‘homes’ for the next semester!

Amna, a student from Bahrain, gazing out into a beautiful swamp while searching for alligators at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Florida Gulf Coast University

The first thing that surprised me was during my first day here. During the orientation they mentioned that we will probably come across alligators and snakes as they are regularly chilling on campus (as if they were stray cats/dogs). So far we’ve seen few, and honestly, I got used to it. I think it adds more character to the place having them around.

West Virginia University

I really like my WVU – Mountaineers family! People are very friendly and kind. I made a lot of American as well as international friends. We are gathering every Friday evening to taste different national food from different countries. Last Friday was “Italian Cuisine”. Next Friday is going to be “Middle East Cuisine”. So, I am enjoying my time here!

Wayne State University

The first night was rather busy. We had a great time having a campus tour and going to downtown. Telling the truth, I could not imagine that it was Detroit, as media highlights only the historical aspect of the city (e.g., crisis and decline), but not its beauty and richness with technologies. Downtown is so beautiful with its buildings! As an art historian interested in architecture, I was indescribably excited. From now on, I am in love with Detroit.

Fayetteville State University

The thing that I liked the most here is that people approach and say ‘hi’ to you even when you’re a complete stranger. They make you feel like you’re not so different or distant, and that you’re just like any one of them. The first few times I passed by random strangers who said hi and had a mini conversation with me was pretty awkward. Now I am the one approaching them. I have spent so little time in the U.S. and I already started feeling the impact that this community is going to have upon me.

West Virginia University

The most incredible thing I have experienced for several day in the U.S is the library. How awesome it is! The library is much bigger than I have ever seen before. A mountain of books from all fields. I can access the internet in every corner. This is heaven for study and research. I could even sleep at the library, surrounded by books.

West Liberty University

There is nothing I can say but impressive. It’s really amazing here. People here are really nice, talkative, friendly, and very helpful. Even the police. In my head, police are those who talk to people like interrogating and scary. But I was wrong, completely wrong. I could tell that I would fall in love with this place even if the first days here seem quite difficult because I need to adjust with some things and deal with my jet lag. For the most surprising thing: touching snow without gloves actually hurts. It is not like in Hollywood movies where people simply smile when they touch snow.

Georgia College and State University

The first impression of GCSU is the kindness of my American suite mate, Jessie. Once I opened my room, I was so surprised that it was beautifully decorated by Jessie. She is really nice and helpful. She even lends me her pillows, blankets, her clothes (because my luggage was delayed), and so many things. I could not thank her enough for what she has done for me since.

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