First Impressions

Roohi Patel: India, Old Dominion University 

Before heading to the States, I always thought that people here didn’t care much about their surroundings. However, this perspective of mine has changed completely as each and every person I pass by greets me without fail.






Elizabeth Keshishyan: Armenia, North Dakota State University

One of the greatest achievements I have had in Fargo so far is that many people did not even know about the existence of Armenia before, but now, they even do research on their own and ask me questions about the Armenian historical places and express their desire to visit my country one day. As an Armenian ambassador in Fargo, where currently I am the only Armenian as I can guess, I think it’s a great and precious achievement.






Noor Al Tai: Oman, Wright State University

I guess I’ve been adjusting well because I accidentally heard myself call the dorm home. That shocked me but I guess it’s a positive thing.







Bahlebakhe Ncube: Zimbabwe, University of Maine

My time in the United States has been interesting so far! Just before I left I was having mixed feelings. Would I be happy? Would I adapt? Would I get lost on the way? After the 17 hour flight I was calm. It was going to be an adventure.


Surayyo Turakulova: Uzbekistan, Old Dominion University 

I am amazed by the United States and I love everything here! People are great, so polite and helpful, smiling and friendly. Do you guys all have such a wonderful sense of humor? Because I laugh so much here, never laughed so much before. It took me a long way to get to the United States, and I never traveled by my own, so when I finally got off my plane in Norfolk, VA I was really proud of myself. I knew that something very great was waiting for me. When I saw my beautiful enormous campus, when I entered my cozy and very clean apartment, when I saw a squirrel on a tree and tried my first McDonald’s cheeseburger – those were the moments when I was happy like a kid in the candy store.

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