Hello Idaho!

LCSCIn October we had the chance to visit Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC), our first Global UGRAD host institution partner in the beautiful state of Idaho. Participants at LCSC not only get to enjoy the welcoming community of Lewiston, but they are also just a short walk across the bridge to Washington state!

The campus is near a mountain range and a National Park so the LCSC community often organizes outdoor activities to best use their “outdoor-oriented” environment. On our tour of campus we also learned about the close connection between LCSC and the Nez Perce tribe that lives in the area. This connection offers students the unique opportunity to visit the reservation and learn about Native American history.

LCSC2LCSC3Our three participants at LCSC are representing their home countries and the Global UGRAD program extremely well. Alibek from Kazakhstan has already started community service projects in town, Widens from Haiti has made cultural presentations to multiple schools in the area, and Donghai from China is volunteering at the campus day care. Way to go, Global UGRADs! We joined a couple of them in their Civics course and were so pleased to hear them share about their own cultures and explore how things are different from and similar to the U.S. and the other countries represented in the classroom.

Thank you, Lewis-Clark State College, for being a wonderful host and for sharing your campus with us!

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