Leadership is…

This fall, we launched our first “UGRAD Quotes” campaign with the prompt: What does Leadership mean to you? We gathered responses on OPAL, Facebook, and Twitter. The results display UGRAD participants’ innovative, audacious, and thoughtful minds. Here are a handful of their submissions:

“You don’t have to change someone’s life to be a leader. Changing your own life makes you a leader and the one who leads himself to success is capable of leading anyone else towards the same direction.” – Rayyan, Algeria

“I never give up and believe that all dreams are achievable. Each of us has a huge potential and talent inside us; all we have to do is to find them, sometimes they’re buried deep inside but one must never stop searching.” – Salome, Georgia

“Leadership is the ability to make people understand your vision, and to empower them, through motivation and inspiration so that they strive with every fiber of themselves to reach the ultimate goal of that vision with you.” – Mohammed, Mauritania

“Sometimes, to exercise leadership, we have to disappoint some of the people who are opposed to any kind of positive change in the society. Otherwise, it would become very impossible to bring the much-needed change in the society” – Mahmudul, Bangladesh

“In my mind a successful leader should be eager to understand other people’s thoughts, skills and desires. I know it is hard. However, a person cannot lead and show other people the right way if he/she does not know them. Another good quality of a leader is responsibility. No one will ever follow and be inspired by a person who does not take a responsibility for his/her actions.” – Nuraiym, Kyrgyzstan

“Being a leader is to promote team work.” – Jose, Venezuela

“I would say it’s the ability to help people release their greatness for a common cause/objectives” – Yosr, Tunisia


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