Alumni Update: Emerging Leaders in the Americas


 Koral Nuñez, University of Evansville, Dominican Republic 

2013-2014 UGRAD

IMG_2715Koral Nuñez has been quite busy post-UGRAD. In the summer of 2015, she was selected to participate in the “Programa Jovenes Investigadores” by the institute of research and the department of education in her home country. As such, she had the opportunity to conduct research and write her own work, the core of which focused on the influence of music instruction in general, spatial and numerical thinking in two public school of Santo Domingo.

Most recently, she was awarded the Emerging Leaders in the Americas scholarship. This scholarship, sponsored by the Canadian Government, grants students and researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean the opportunity to study in Canada at the undergraduate or graduate level. Koral was selected, and jumped at the chance to study abroad again. She is currently spending four months at the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, British Columbia where she has been taking a variety of classes.

On her plans for the future: 

I am taking classes focused on leadership, management, non-profits, event planning, etc. These classes will help assist me in focusing on my true passion: education. My goal is to be able to create, apply, and transform the education [system] in my country. My future plans are to keep working and learning about project development, education policy, and leadership, to be more involved and active in the public sector and communities, and then to further my own education by starting on my masters degree.

Best of luck, Koral!


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