First Impressions


Khamla Sabpaso: Laos, Humboldt State University

One of the most impressive things for me here is probably the people. The people here are super nice; they are great. I love their smiles; everyone smiles at me whenever or wherever I see them and it makes me feel at home.




Didor Marodaseynov: Tajikistan, East Tennessee State University

I remember when we landed at the JFK airport,everything seemed so big – airport, buildings and the city as well. ETSU is a wonderful university, a lot of students are here from all over the world. Therefore, it is always interesting because of different people, backgrounds and cultures. I feel that I will make a lot of unforgettable memories while I am here.


Aziza Khalbekova: Kyrgyzstan, University of Central Missouri

When I was in the car on the way to Warrensburg I got my first shock. There were no people outside. It was like they left everything and ran off somewhere. After, I learned that in small towns every person has a car and most of them spend their time inside of buildings. I was really surprised when I saw older people, especially grandmothers, driving cars. It’s really nice.




Fernanda Polanco: Nicaragua, Saginaw Valley State University

Something I really like here is the way in which teachers do their work. They try to make the class open to the students, so we can express our opinions freely. Moreover, I have found that Saginaw Valley State University has countless activities and clubs for students to share experiences or serve the community

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