UGRAD Google + Hangouts

On August 3rd and 5th the UGRAD Team at World Learning hosted two Global UGRAD information sessions for students arriving in the fall semester for English language training. The information sessions, which were conducted on the Google+ Hangout platform, were  successful in helping many of the incoming students learn more about the program and answered many questions they had before arrival. The members of the UGRAD team were able to provide answers on a live video feed while the students posted questions through their Google+ accounts.

The majority of the students that attended asked questions about campus life at US universities, what to pack, and what the termGoogle + Hangouts and conditions of the program were. Many members of the US Embassies and posts abroad actively participated in the program and helped foster a great dialogue with their students about what to expect when they arrive in the US. The information sessions were able to bring together students from the Western Hemisphere for one session and bring together students from various locations in the Eastern Hemisphere for the second.

The UGRAD Team plans to host at least four more sessions in mid to late fall for students that will participate in the Spring 2016 semester. These sessions will be broken down regionally and will be hosted by individual program teams that will be able to answer more specific questions about what to expect for the program in the upcoming term.

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