Alumni making the news: Global Young Voices

By UGRAD Alum, Edy Semaan

Global Young Voices (GYV) is a news outlet that gives both contributors and readers alike a chance to gain knowledge about different cultures in the world, enjoy the richness of the human race, and understand the variances that set humans apart as well as the similarities that remind us that, despite the differences, we’re all alike.

GYV founders Camilla and Edy at a cafe in Washington DC (2013) Photo credit Pierre Krebs (2)
Camilla and Edy, founders of GYV

Most contributors at GYV are not journalism or communications majors, they are students from various backgrounds seeking to make their voices heard through writing articles about little and interesting stories, as well as about major national and international topics.

However, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our mission every day without the support of Fairleigh Dickinson University, our academic institution in the U.S., more precisely FDU’s Office of Global Learning, which is headed by Prof. Jason Scorza, and the guidance of Prof. Bruno Battistoli and Journalist Joe Khawly.

The GYV website is being redesigned this summer and more students are set to join the team. We welcome university students from all over the globe, with the hopes of covering all countries and expanding our readership.

As the founders of GYV, Camilla and I are constantly working with every article to meet professional standards and accomplish the mission we all believe in.

As students, we are the future, and the GYV story has only started.


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