Recovery Efforts in Burma

Our thoughts are with Burma as the country experiences debilitating floods after devastating monsoons. The government, Burmese citizens, and international organizations are all working for the safety and security of those affected.

Below is an update from UGRAD alumni, Okkar Kyaw, who is among those providing aid. He recently traveled to Kaw Lin.

On 31st July, President U Thin Sein issued a statement proclaiming (1) Chin State (2) Sagaing Region (3) Mandalay Region and (4) Magway Region as natural disaster zones. I was worried the whole time when I was in Yangon and when I returned to Mandalay, 11 out of 14 states had already suffered from the flood.

When I was in Kaw Lin, I spoke with victims of the floods. Everybody is worried about drinking water. With the current situation, it will not be easy for us to buy water bottles for the thousands of flood victims for such an extended period of time. We need something more sustainable. As the school year hasn’t started yet, I am trying to plan a project both with Youth Social Force and Dental Donation Group (DDG) for safe drinking water in the rehabilitation period. I would like to invite every person who is willing to help me in making that project. I also plan to join Dental Donation Group in their efforts to donate money to the flooded regions such as Kalay, and Say Tote Ta Rar.

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