March Madness is here!

For all of you basketball or non-basketball fans, you may have heard March Madness is here! This basketball tournament rocks the U.S. each year and is a competition in which universities and colleges in the U.S. compete to be the nation’s best. The men’s tournament gets underway first, and then the women have their turn. In the men’s tournament, there are 7 UGRAD universities represented this year – how exciting!

One of the best aspects of March Madness is that it invites anyone and everyone to get involved. If you want to join the fun, fill out this bracket. As you can see, there are matchups and YOU get to decide who you think the winner will be at each stage. You need to pick a winner for every match up until you have a final winner in the top two!

Here’s is what we are calling the UGRAD Dream Bracket. Of course we’re rooting for UGRAD Host Institutions and have slotted University of Texas at Austin, the University of Wyoming, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of Utah to duke it out in the Final Four. UGRADbracket

By the way, the chances of having a perfect bracket are one in 9.2 quintillion. Are you up for the challenge?

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