Alumni Class Secretaries: Malaysia & Honduras

IMG_2153Twins Tang Khai Sheng (08-09) and Tang Khai Shing (08-09) recently made their television debut on “The Amazing Race: China Rush”. (China Rush is the Chinese version of the Emmy-Winning reality show “The Amazing Race”) Together with 10 other teams from Sweden, Australia, Canada, Scotland, the United States, and China, Khai Sheng & Khai Shing represented Malaysia on a race through various cities in China to compete for the grand prize of a trip around the world worth $60,000. Both of them had the opportunity to travel to some of China’s most unique and intriguing locations. The show started broadcasting in China on August 26 and will last for 12 episodes.  Viewers outside China can catch the show on Youtube.

Khai Shing has also shared her Amazing Race experiences on her blog.



Ong Yu Han (08-09) graduated with a Masters degree in Education from King’s College London in 2011. She is currently working as a Research Analyst in Medical Education at National Healthcare Group, Singapore.

UGRAD Malaysia Retreat 1The recent 2011-2012 Global UGRAD returnees organized a retreat at Penang Island on 20-22 July 2012 for all 4 batches of Malaysian UGRAD alumni. This gave the alumni a chance to share their experiences and provide guidance to the 2012 – 2013 students who embarked on their UGRAD journey in August.






Orlando Marin (11-12) has been active in his community; he joined a group of classmates to teach English in a public school for three months. Orlando Marin teaching EnglishHe had a great time teaching them and the kids enjoyed learning a little bit of a new language. Sara Nieto (11-12) is completing an internship in her field of study, civil engineering, as a requisite for graduation. Her improved English language skills, acquired during the program, have proven to be a great asset for the success of the internship. Her expected graduation date is June 2013; she will be graduating with honors.

Flora Bendeck (11-12) has been using her English skills for the benefit of others by volunteering with Medical Brigades in rural communities as an English-Spanish translator.  Emma Castro (11-12) is graduating with honors in Psychology this month. She is currently volunteering with Operation Blessing Honduras, where she works with girls at risk.


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