Happy 2013!

The rush of the holidays is over, and it is now time to refocus and energize for the spring semester. Welcome to the 14 students from East Asia and the Pacific and the Western Hemisphere who start their Global UGRAD journey this month. We recommend that you hit the ground running in order to take full advantage of the experience. Once you have completed your orientations and confirmed your academic schedules, check out the many campus clubs and organizations and join a couple of the most interesting. The Global UGRAD Program is an ideal time to get outside of your comfort zone and explore new interests.

For both new and returning students, many of you will experience very cold weather for the first time. Once the excitement of the holidays passes, the remaining winter months can be a challenge. Days are short and temperatures are low, which makes it tempting to spend a lot of time in the warmth of your room. While such an urge is understandable and even comforting, we encourage you to pay more attention to your physical and mental well-being. If you haven’t used your campus sports facilities, now is the time to check them out. Or try a new winter sport, like ice skating or cross country skiing. Regular exercise will keep you energized and healthy. Winter is a good time to focus on friendships too. Consider inviting a classmate or roommate for a coffee or hot chocolate, or plan an outing to the movies. Take advantage of activities planned by your dorm or the campus International Student Office, especially early in the term when your study load may not be so heavy. And, finally, make it a point to deepen your connections with the World Learning team, other Global UGRAD students on your campus, and the UGRADs from your country who are at other schools. Global UGRAD is a great network that will serve you well after you return home but only if you lay the groundwork now.

 Best wishes,

 World Learning Global UGRAD Team

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