A Semester Full of Service

Global UGRAD students collectively contributed thousands of hours of community service  across the United States during the fall 2012 semester. The World Learning team was impressed with the amount of time, energy and dedication Global UGRAD students put into their community service activities.

Their volunteer work included volunteering at: community gardens, animal shelters, convalescent homes, homeless shelters, schools, and public libraries.

Global UGRAD students made a real and lasting change in their university communities- both for the people served and for themselves. While working to help others, many Global UGRAD students were surprised by how much knowledge and perspective they had gained while giving back. Below are some reflections that highlight their experiences. We trust that your community service experience will continue to serve you well and look forward to seeing the ways you give back to you home countries through community service in the future.

– Sarah LaRosa, World Learning

“Everything I learned during my community service will be beneficial for my future career. I became more confident and skilled in teaching, gaining a lot of valuable experience. Also, I became more interested in social issues, such as immigration and helping refugees. In future community service projects, I would like to work with people who are marginalized in society and need help integrating into their communities.”

-Brigitta Bunford, Serbia, Grand Valley State University

“Besides making new friends, I learned how to be able to communicate well with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I experienced a new perspective of life where we cannot look at something from one angle. Now, I have learned to look at things from a different perspective. I believe that when I go back to Malaysia I will be able to work better and communicate between multicultural communities.”

-Dylan Chong, Malaysia, Grand Valley State University

“Giving back through volunteering was, for me, one of the highlights of my program. My experience in every organization taught me to be much more willing to give of myself. Looking back to my home country, I realize that the Philippines is the place where I am needed the most. From these community service opportunities, I recognized how a simple leap of work would influence people and change their lives momentarily; however there could be a lasting effect. Because of the recent tragedies and situations in the Philippines, I’m ignited to serve my countrymen and help with even just a time, a hand, or even a smile that could change a moment in their lives.”

-Ian Jan Dalisay, Philippines, North Dakota State University

“My experience at the English Skills Center as an assistant tutor has been very rewarding. I am going to use this amazing experience back home to provide my help to any center that might need volunteers and also to provide feedback to other adults who are trying to learn English in Panama but haven’t had a chance to travel.”

-Massiel Vargas, Panama, Snow College

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