Alumni Event Feature: Sri Lanka

U.S. Ambassador Julie Chung speaking to Global UGRAD alumni

Upon successfully completing the Global UGRAD Program and returning to their home countries, students become part of robust and diverse alumni networks. These alumni groups often hold gatherings, uniting multiple cohorts of Global UGRAD alumni in one place. On September 7th, Global UGRAD alumni in Sri Lanka were invited by the U.S. Embassy to a gathering hosted in the country’s capital, Colombo. The U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka shared the following highlights of the event.

“For the first time, all the Global UGRAD alumni in Sri Lanka who had taken part in the program since 2017 were invited by the U.S. Embassy for a roundtable discussion and networking event at American Center Colombo. Twelve of 18 total alumni attended and discussed their educational and cultural experiences in different states in the United States. Ambassador Julie Chung attended and spoke about the value of studying in the U.S., our shared values, and opportunities for Global UGRAD and other USG [U.S. Government] alumni. The highly engaged participants expressed their gratitude for providing them a life-changing opportunity and made plans to keep in touch with each other and the Embassy.”

Global UGRAD alumni participating in a roundtable discussion hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka