Welcome to the Fall 2023 Global UGRAD Cohort

Students in the St. Cloud State University cohort meeting in the airport

August has been a busy month as Global UGRAD participants from all over the world are arriving in the United States for the fall 2023 semester of the Global UGRAD Program! World Learning is excited to welcome 319 students this academic year, with 144 participating in the program this fall. They hail from 62 countries and will be attending one of our 80 partner host universities and colleges. So far, Global UGRAD students have been successful in navigating international travel, especially considering that, for many, this is their first time flying! All week, the staff at World Learning have been hearing from students about what surprised them most about their campuses so far. One student at the University of Missouri Columbia shared:

“I was struck by its size, the number of students, and the cultural diversity. There are a lot of people from different countries and there is even a small Uzbek community of 10 people. Also, I have been fortunate to discover that my university’s recreational and sports centers are quite big and can accommodate thousands of students who can work out, attend sports clubs, or just play sports games with friends. Last but not least, there are still a lot of things to try and discover.”
– Khumoyun Sayfullaev, Uzbekistan

Welcome to the fall students! Everyone at World Learning is excited to get to know all of you throughout this semester!