Global UGRAD Student Spotlight: Virgilio Roi Adaptar

World Learning is proud to spotlight Virgilio Roi Adaptar in this month’s edition of the Global Gazette.

Virgilio Roi Adaptar, 2020-2021 Global UGRAD participant, at McNeese State University

Virgilio is a 2020-2021 Global UGRAD participant from the Philippines who studied at McNeese State University and was recently the subject of a feature article on his host university’s website. Please check out the article here to read more about Virgilio’s experiences living and studying at McNeese State University, his insights into the differences between the Philippines and the United States, and his future goals in the food industry and beyond. We are so proud of all of our Global UGRADs’ accomplishments, and look forward to continuing to showcase the experiences, achievements, and goals of our students and alumni.