Closing of Virtual English Language Training Program

Between August and December, 34 students participated in our Virtual English Language Training (ELT) Program, where they enjoyed a safe and comfortable space to strengthen their academic writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills. They engaged in 15 to 20 hours of synchronous and asynchronous activities every week, covering a variety of topics tailored to their fields of study and interests. Additionally, they interacted with Global UGRAD staff members and peers through extracurriculars, which included activities geared at preparing them for their U.S. arrival. Below, Virtual ELT students share their experiences:

Being part of this ELT course and extracurricular activities, I would confidently say that I see a new person and someone who is more curious and has a clear passion in doing and gaining new experiences in the United States. I am also improving on my soft skills, hard skills, and life skills. This course not only teaches us English academic terms within many specific topics but also skills to overcome hardships that we may face in a new environment. The important things I recognize in this course are how to embrace our delicate minds, stay positive, and encourage each other to step out of our comfort zone. As it turns out, we are closer to understanding interculturality from each other than we think. We are not only understanding other cultures but discussing them in a constructive way too.” (Bounpan Xaisorfah, Laos)

At my ELT course, I have nine friends from different countries and backgrounds, and I learn a lot from them about customs and values. Furthermore, I’ve become more aware of conversations and open to understanding other people’s points of view! If I looked at myself three months ago, I would have had a totally different way of dealing with international people and making conversation with them.” (Manar Al-Nabahin, Palestinian Territories)

Meeting people from different cultures, different backgrounds, with different perspectives has taught me a lot as a person. I’m very blessed to have the chance to engage with this wonderful community. So far, I’ve made a lot of everlasting memories. This semester was an opportunity to develop, overcome, and discover my weaknesses. Thus far, I’ve encountered many challenges along the way, but I was able to overcome them. This experience has been a learning tool and opportunity for development in a lot of areas. Looking too close to the nature of this semester, I can tell it has paved the way to my future academic success. Absolutely, I’ve changed and matured so much in many areas thanks to the environment. Also, extracurricular activities have been an amazing opportunity to develop my self-expression. Because of extracurricular activities, I learned so much about U.S. culture and society. Now, I feel like I’m ready to experience the American lifestyle after being provided with the needed tools.” (Sidi Behah, Mauritania)

Virtual ELT students explore “Life on Campus” in this extracurricular activity.