Attending the Misk Global Youth Forum

Waleed (left) with Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the U.S., Reema bint Bandar Al Saud

The Misk Global Forum is a conference for leaders under 30 years old. This year, the conference took place in New York City and featured successful under-30 leaders and CEOs, potential students, and young people from Saudi Arabia and around the world. In the organizer’s words, the purpose of the forum is “to support young people to lead the way in transforming the purpose of business, by growing the number of global entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (entrepreneurship within an existing organization) for good.” More than 300 young people attended the conference.

At this conference, I was participating as a speaker. My topic was about the new future for young scientists and how we can develop our world by meeting our issues and solving them. Moreover, being an ordinary person won’t let you have a place in this future; you need to go beyond your work and start thinking of how you can develop this work or improve your skill because the future needs you more than ever.

The conference was organized well and maintained the interest of all the young leaders in attendance. The ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the U.S. attended and it was a pleasure to meet her and see her passion. She spoke of supporting young students from Saudi Arabia to bring our knowledge back home and develop our country. I was delighted to be invited by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to share my experience and project.

Written by Waleed Seddiq, 2019-20 Global UGRAD student from Saudi Arabia at Saginaw Valley State University

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