Celebrating Cultures from Around the World

A Holi Away from Home: Smita Dhungana (Nepal) at Augustana University

Smita (far left) celebrating Holi with her friendsFor the first time I was celebrating holi away from my home. This made me experience Holi here with Indian and Nepali people living in Sioux Falls, and I got to know their thoughts about celebrating it in a new place. Though this Holi was away from my family, I felt at home celebrating it here with my friends from Augustana University. Scrolling pictures in Facebook, Instagram and talking with my friends about Holi made me want to go back to Nepal, but I am glad I got chance to celebrate in the U.S. and did not miss much of it.

Fried Rice with Friends: Rizal Wahit (Indonesia) at West Liberty University

“This is not about ME, it is all about WE” is a sentence my friend once said. A total of 14 countries participated that used different ingredients, tools, and the way of cooking, working toward the exact same goal: to introduce cultures. I cooked Indonesian fried rice, which is basically fried rice combined with sausage, eggs, some vegetables, a little bit of hot sauce, and Indonesian seasoning. Being able to participate in International Food Festival makes me realize how beautiful diversity is. That day, we cooked together, we prepared everything together, and we rock! The moments were full of joy, laughter, and beautiful memories.