Call for Host Institutions!

World Learning is currently accepting applications to host international students for the 2018-19 academic year. The host institution application is primarily used for the Global UGRAD Program; however, we also use it to gauge interest in other partnership opportunities through World Learning, such as Fulbright SpecialistEducationUSA Academy. The Global UGRAD Program will support 250 students from 60 participating countries in the 2018-19 academic year.

Global UGRAD is a valuable international enrollment tool for universities.  It adds diversity to campus and the students contribute valuable perspective in the classroom.  Alumni go on to be master’s degree students, Fulbright recipients, and/or leaders in their respective home countries.

World Learning seeks a varied cadre of universities to host these dynamic undergraduate students.  Interested?  Apply now! 

To apply, please follow this link.  Once you have registered at the link, you will receive an email with a unique url to your institution’s application.  You will be able to share this url among different offices on campus.  If this becomes difficult, we are also able to provide a .pdf of the application.  Please see the attached brochure or visit our website’s frequently asked questions for host institutions if you have any further questions about the Global UGRAD Program.



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