Macedonian Alumni Update: Martina Dimoska

A NASA seal is printed on the carpet below Martina’s sneaker clad feet.

I was in a seminar in Miami, Florida and after that I participated in a N.A.S.A. radiation workshop program. It was invite only with one of the most established names in the radiation field and industry. I am so grateful that it happened and I cannot be happier! The workshop was from November 6th to November 8th in the N.A.S.A. Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. Dr. Madhulika (Lika) Guhathakurta, the lead program scientist for new innitiatives at N.A.S.A. Ames, welcomed us. She was incredible! I truly look up to her.

The goal of this technical interchange was to explore ways to enable data-rich characterization, forecasting and monitoring of space radiation environments relevant to NASA science, aviation and deep space exploration. We were divided in several groups covering different fields and I was in the deep space radiation group which was so various and the largest and I learned incredible, amazing things!

Aside from the fantastic work that we were able to develop in such a short time and the amazing team spirit with fruitful presentations, we also had a panel discussion with amazing speakers such as Jason J. Dunn one of the founders of the company Made in Space. From the industry we also had Nathalie Carbol, Florence Tan, Tom Bogdan and Hugo Wagner. If you research their biographies you’d be stunned too!

I did not see anything in San Francisco because I was not leaving NASA from morning till night. I just could not. It’s a huge part of me. It’s my calling. It’s where I belong and I am destined to be at.

It was the best experience of my life.

Written by Martina Dimoska, Global UGRAD 2016-17 at Kent State University


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