Words of Wisdom – Global UGRAD Application Tips and Tricks

The Global UGRAD application for 2018-19 closes on December 31st at 5:00pm EST. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this amazing program! Current Global UGRAD participants, alumni, and staff shared with us their best advice for applicants. You’ll also find a list of resources for you at the end of this article. Best of luck on your applications!

When you doubt yourself…

“We may fear to apply for any opportunity because we might think we are not good enough, or we lack skills or experience. But remember, it is because of these reasons that we need to apply for any opportunity and get it because it will help us grow. If we are already good and full of skills or experience, we do not need to apply for anything because there is nothing else for us to learn.  When you feel like you’re hopeless to get it, other applicants might have the same thought.” – Maneth Nay, 2017-18

When you feel your persistence waning…

“If you didn’t make it the first time you applied, try again. Don’t give up!” – Tinashe Madamombe, 2016-17

When you think about just going to bed…

“No matter what, even if you might or might not get accepted, finish the
application! Fully complete every task!” – Gantuul Narmandakh, 2017-18

“Never be discouraged by a friend or someone else. Just be honest in your essays. Don’t worry that you cannot qualify. Just be sure about yourself. Should you have any uncertainties, seek information and advice from your professors, the awesome World Learning team, and any former Global UGRAD alumni you might know.” – Idrissa Harouna Ada, 2015-16

“Be genuine! And remember: it is not only an academic program. Make your dedication for community service be overt. Make your essays concise, but also rich. Know your goal before you apply and go for the interview. Ask yourself what this program really means to you and everything will pour forward smooth.” – Hiba Harb, 2017-18

“Take your time with your essays! And always have in mind your goals and purposes. Keep it real, honest, and human.” – Pascual Diaz, 2016-17

“Information should be as specific as possible!” – Chhorpon Long, 2015-16

“Everyone already knows this is something great for their lives and all the applicants are awesome, smart and confident. But if you answer this question you will be fine: What makes you different?” – Manuel Calvo, 2017-18

“1. BE HONEST in all the things you say in all the application process, even in the essays and interview. 2. Do not try to be another person, be yourself. You have everything to be a winner in life if you really believe in you. 3. You do not have to be scared to show yourself because that is what interviewers want to see. At the end, we are ALL humans with feelings 4. Always do your best and even if you do not get selected, this experience is amazing and it will make you a better person, so enjoy every single step of your application!” – Maria Suarez, 2017-18

“Prove that you are worth investing in. Always know that scholarships (in general) are beyond numbers.” – Mia Villa, 2017-18

“Be honest, think about your community. How are you going to help them in order to be in a developed country? Think about the experiences you want to get and which are impossible to do it in your country.” – Cecilia Sosa, 2017-18

“Be optimistic. Feel proud of your own achievements, do not diminish them. Do not compare yourselves with other participants. Recognize your uniqueness. Speak up! Speak with character, without fear, look your interviewer to the eyes. If you’re willing to unfold yourself and take a thousand steps out of your comfort zone, apply!” – Eva Rodriguez, 2017-18

“Don’t wait until the last minute to email [email protected] with your questions. It helps if you don’t wait until the last moment to submit your application.” – Lauren Perrino, World Learning staff



We wish you all the best of luck!