Mauritania Alumni Update by Aicha Fall

I don’t even know from where to start. A mind blowing experience for me to say the least. Visiting the States was one of my biggest goals. I loved the culture and people,  I always dreamed of visiting the States and having the chance to meet Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Obama as those two were, and still are, role models to me. Yes, I had this big dream but not the means to travel and I thank god and the Global UGRAD team that I made one of those dreams come true: visiting the U.S.

I thought it wouldn’t get any better, but little did I know, god had greater plans for me. When I came back, I had this different way of looking at life, a more positive and patient way. I had gained self confidence and self appreciation. Those qualities helped me set higher goals that I am working on making come true with the help of god, my family, friends, and the entire Global UGRAD team. I created a Youtube Channel and used that platform to share my experience and also help all those who love English the way I do to understand it better.

I had submitted all my documents at TTU to come back in the Fall of 2016 to complete my masters degree in Rural Engineering , but due to some difficulties, that was one closed door among a lot of other open ones. I then decided that I would apply for a job and save for my 2 years of masters education, so I started reaching out to companies. One of the places that I loved to work at was the embassy of the USA in Mauritania as it would help me to still be in an English-speaking environment. Being on very good terms with people at the embassy led to receiving an email from a friend and mentor. The email that literally changed my life for the best. It was a job announcement at the American International School of Nouakchott as the Admin Assistant/Events Coordinator. I applied and got selected for an interview and then got the job. This is my second year working with them and I am grateful for every single second that I spend at work.

I remember how surprised they were of my English when I was called for the interview, but I am pretty sure that putting down on my resume that I have been to a university in the States definitely added a tremendous plus to my selection. And once again, it’s all thanks to the Global UGRAD Program that not only sent us to the states, but also helped us discover a better version of ourselves.

I had been chosen to be a member of the interviewing panel for the selection of the future Global UGRAD students. I met with people at the embassy and we are planning on making a video that will help advertise the Global UGRAD Program in Mauritania.

I can’t thank the Global UGRAD team enough. I just don’t have the words. Your help and support are highly appreciated!

Written by Aicha Fall (Mauritania) at Tennessee Tech University 2015-16