The Global UGRAD Booklist: National Book Month

Happy National Book Month! We hope you’ll find time to cozy up with a book, maybe a blanket, and a hot beverage. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your booklist, our Global UGRAD participants and alumni are here to tell you which books they’re reading.

Thongdee Thanyalak (Thailand), St. Catherine University, Global UGRAD 2017-18

God’s Bits of Wood – Ousmane Sembène
This is the true-story-based African novel by Sembene Ousmane, a Senegalese writer, about the railroad company strike in 1947 of Senegalese workmen against the French colonizers. Actually, the book is required in my Literature class. However, I love it! It shows me how hard people have been fighting for harmony in the world. Colonization is bad in some cases, but on the other hand, it gives people some precious lessons about life and how to be compassionate to ones who have less than us.

Maksim Kim (Uzbekistan), CSU-San Marcos, Global UGRAD 2016-17

All the Birds in the Sky – Charlie Jane Anders
“All the Birds in the Sky” by Charlie Jane Anders. The book is a mix of science fiction and fantasy








Soumayani Ghoshal (india), Chatham University, Global UGRAD 2017-18

The House on Mango Street – Sandra Cisneros
Filled with mini stories, this book is one you just can’t put down until you have flipped through all the adventures it has to offer. Luckily, it’s also part of my multicultural literature class.








Mitrashi Das (India), Chatham University, Global UGRAD 2016-17

The Goal – Eliyahu M. Goldratt
The Goal by Eliyahu M Goldratt. It’s a management oriented novel that deals with constant improvement and is mostly related to Operations












Eslì Avendaño (Guatemala), St. Catherine University, Global UGRAD 2017-2018

Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach – Martha C. Nussbaum
A book that explains why having a high GDP (Gross Domestic Product) doesn’t mean that a country is developed, and it has dealt with extreme poverty and inequality within people.

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