OPAL – Summer 2017

Personality Test Results from 2017-18 Global UGRAD students OPAL Module 1

The Online Professional and Academic Learning (OPAL) course just concluded it’s pre-arrival modules!

OPAL is an eight module course designed and run by World Learning for current Global UGRAD participants. The first four modules, which include ‘Getting to Know Yourself’, ‘What is Leadership?’, ‘Intercultural Competency’, and ‘Research and Academic Writing’, are held before students arrive. This pre-arrival preparation allows the Global UGRAD participants to begin thinking about their upcoming experience in the United States, and sets the stage for the type of classroom work they will encounter at their host universities.

The last four modules, which include ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Gender Roles in the U.S.’, ‘Social Entrepreneurship’, and ‘Action Planning’ will be completed throughout the semester long stay in the United States.

Through OPAL, students begin to virtually interact with participants from different parts of the world while they acquire new skills, as well as build upon existing ones.

Every year OPAL signifies the upcoming arrival of new students and builds excitement for the new cohort of Global UGRAD students, and World Learning staff alike!

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