The Global UGRAD Ripple Effect: Honduras


Brenna Woods (Honduras), Snow College, Global UGRAD 2010-2011. 

After I finished the program, I continued my studies at the Universidad Pedagogica de Honduras “Francisco Morazan” and graduated in 2012. Then, I was asked by the university to get certified as a superior education teacher; in March 2013, I began to work as an English teacher for EFL learners in the campus from the same university in the city of La Ceiba.

While being here I have seen so many students with Global UGRAD potential. So, I decided to share my experience with students, because it was this opportunity that led the teaching board of the humanities faculty to consider me as a prospect to teach in the university. During this time I have shared photos, anecdotes, and even brought my diploma and transcripts for students to see. What I usually do is keep students updated with the dates to fill out their applications, and also answer questions they may have about it. If a student is selected I also help with giving them tips on how to make their experience memorable.

The first of my students that was awarded a Global UGRAD scholarship was Abby Gabriela Rico in 2014, who was at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Later in 2016, Christian Soza was awarded a scholarship to go to Ball State University, and he recently returned from the U.S. on May 5th. The photo above is from when Christian came back to Honduras and gave me a thank you gift for sharing my experience with him, which led him to live one of the most amazing experiences in his life. I felt so happy as a teacher to be thanked, but mostly as a Global UGRAD, because I like to know that I am contributing to making our family bigger. This gift today will serve as a reminder and motivator to continue supporting students to apply and give themselves the opportunity to live the experience of a lifetime.

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