Global UGRAD Application 2017-2018

You may vividly remember the precise moment you heard that you were accepted into the Global UGRAD Program, but what about the moment that you started your application? You might not be able to recall all the details, but without taking this important first step, you could never have had the chance to participate in the Global UGRAD Program.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the 2017-2018 Global UGRAD application will open on November 2, 2016. Do you know anyone that you think would make a great Global UGRAD? Encourage them to visit our website and apply – you never know what will happen!

We asked current and former Global UGRAD participants for their best advice regarding the application. Here’s what they had to say:

“Take your time with your essays! And always have in mind your goals and purposes. Keep it real, honest, and human.” – Pascual Diaz, 2016-2017

“If you didn’t make it the first time you applied, try again. Don’t give up!” – Tinashe Madamombe, 2016-2017

“Information should be as specific as possible!” -Chhorpon Long, 2015-2016

“Never be discouraged by a friend or someone else. Just be honest in your essays. Don’t worry that you cannot qualify. Just be sure about yourself. Should you have any uncertainties, seek information and advice from your professors, the awesome World Learning team, and any former Global UGRAD alumni you might know.” -Idrissa Harouna Ada, 2015-2016

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