OPAL – Get to know the students as they prepare for the semester ahead!

During the summer months, all Global UGRAD participants take part in their first program requirement: World Learning’s Online and Professional Academic Learning course (OPAL). Created and administered by World Learning, OPAL runs for seven weeks and covers topics spanning from leadership development and social entrepreneurship to academic writing and resume building. The course aims to prepare students for their semester in the U.S. by creating a space where they can learn about and discuss challenges they may face, all while providing them with resources and tools that they can utilize throughout the program.

In the third week of the course, when students build their intercultural competency skills, one of the assignments asks them to post a photo that represents their home culture. Using our program Tumblr site, students are encouraged to submit a photo with themselves in it that communicates something that is unique about their home country. We are pleased to invite you to sample these submissions and get to know the students a bit better by visiting our Tumblr page!

Click on each photo below to view its full description.

Tasnia Khandaker Prova, Bangladesh – Montclair State University

Aishoola Aisaeva, Kyrgyzstan – The University of Utah

Artur Caldarari, Moldova – Tennessee Tech University

Janice Gill Oliveira, Paraguay – Montclair State University

Valentim Aurelio Sambo, Mozambique – North Central College

Omar Sabet, Egypt – Keene State College

                                                                               Precious Guevarra Daluz, Philippines – Fairleigh Dickinson University 

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