Alumni Update: Graduating College After Global UGRAD


After almost six years of studying, I have finally finished my bachelor’s degree. It was mixed emotions: I’m happy because I have finally arrived to this point in my life – that I’ve fulfilled my parents’ dream for me – but it was somehow saddening at the same time, for I will be leaving my mentors and friends in the university. I’ll surely miss the ambiance of the school, which became my comfort zone for years.

I always knew that graduating from college isn’t the end, but only the beginning of much tougher challenges for me, so I somehow conditioned myself even before that I’ll be in this transition right now. A few months ago, I started thinking of what I shall do next: should I start reviewing for the upcoming Sanitary Engineer’s Licensure Exam this August, or apply for a job while waiting for the Exam? I chose the latter.

Now, I’m currently working for Brahms Globaltech, Inc., a company committed to handling the industrial water and waste-water treatment requirement of power plants, food and canning companies, car assemblers, and pharmaceuticals. It has been a great experience so far to be exposed to an industry where I truly belong. For the past weeks, I have gone to various sites where our company has treatment facilities, and it was truly liberating to actually see the stuff you just read in books before.

Global UGRAD has been a big part of my transformation in becoming a more driven young man with a goal at hand. My experiences abroad helped me to dream bigger and ignite a change for my own community. I’m looking forward and so excited for the bigger things ahead of me.

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