My Life Since NESA UGRAD

Saima Sultana Jaba, NESA UGRAD 2014-15, Kent State University

So far I am doing well working as a fellow at Teach for Bangladesh (TFB). In my first job, I want to serve the young people in my country and to solve real world problems. Moreover, I want this country to do better in education, which starts with me being a teacher. I align my actions to my beliefs and values. Therefore, I have joined TFB to fight for quality education in Bangladesh. Every single day, I am growing to be a full human being and challenging myself to be a transformational leader.

Recently, I attended the One Young World (OYW) Summit as a part of Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus’ delegation that took place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 18-21, 2015. After joining the summit, I realized that one does not necessarily have to travel around the world to understand it better; rather, he or she can simply attend the OYW conference to learn more. In short, the OYW Summit was like a wake-up call, shouting in my ears saying, “You can do much more for your country! Don’t wait for somebody else to take the responsibility because that somebody might never come! It has to be you! It has to be now!”

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