Staying Engaged as UGRAD Alumni

After the initial reunion parties and settling in at home, you may start to miss your life in the US. Staying in touch with your fellow UGRADs, US university friends, professors and other people you became close to in your host community can enrich your life both personally and professionally. Nonetheless, taking the time to stay in touch with the friends you met while abroad can be challenging when you have multiple and often conflicting commitments at home.

There are multiple ways of staying engaged as a UGRAD Alum.

1. Remember to sign up for and log in periodically to the International Exchange Alumni website.

  • Find alumni of U.S. Department of State programs in your home city or town through the alumni directory to exchange ideas and network.
  • Attend seminars or networking events at the US Embassy, US Consulate, Fulbright Commission or at a local university in your country.
  • Explore and possibly apply for grant opportunities.
  • Use the electronic library to conduct research in your field.
  • Look for scholarships, internships, job opportunities and learn how to network and build an eye-catching résumé.
Lao UGRAD Alumni at a reunion
Lao UGRAD Alumni at a reunion

2. Share your stories, blogs and photos with your UGRAD Alumni Class Secretary and Alumni Coordinator at the US Embassy, US Consulate and Fulbright Commission.

3. Become a mentor to a future UGRAD participant, share your UGRAD experience at your home university or at the Pre-Departure Orientation for new students traveling to the US for study or research.



Filipino UGRAD Alumni at a reunion.
Filipino UGRAD Alumni at a reunion.


4. Stay active on social media, the UGRAD Facebook group, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter @GlobalUGRADWL. 

5. Sign up for your host institution’s alumni e-newsletter and online alumni directory.  There may even be an alumna/nus who attended your US university or college in your home city, or even an alumni group.

6. Connect with other World Learning alumni or attend a World Learning event. Explore World Learning’s The Exchange.

Amy Fisher Bruey in San Jose, Costa Rica with UGRAD alumni
Amy Fisher Bruey in San Jose, Costa Rica with UGRAD alumni


7. Stay in touch with your World Learning UGRAD program staff.  We love receiving stories, photos and videos from our returned alumni and can continue to offer advice or recommendations after you are back home. You never know, we may visit you in your country at some point in the future!

8. Finally, engage in activities or projects with your fellow UGRAD participants in your home community or country.  There are around 30-60 alumni in each of your countries.



Remember that your US exchange journey continues after you return home.  Don’t let it end when you walk off the plane and into your family’s arms.  There are many opportunities at your fingertips but it is up to you to make them happen!

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