Earthquake changes life as they know it in Nepal


On April 25, 2015 a fault line moved bringing with it an unimaginable tragedy that forever changed life as many in Nepal knew it. While we are thankful that no family member of our UGRAD students was seriously injured, our hearts certainly go out to those who were and to those who are struggling to rebuild their lives during these uncertain times.

What’s been most fascinating to watch is that these students exude such tremendous strength and calm in the face of adversity. UGRAD student Badri who attended Grand Valley State University returned to Nepal after completing the program only to find that the place he came to know as home was reduced to a pile of stones and his family no longer had a place to stay. Despite this he has been resilient, remaining very positive and hopeful for better days to come.

Navina and Garima, two other Nepali UGRAD participants, are still finishing up their programs at the University of Southern Indiana and West Liberty University respectively while simultaneously leading fundraising relief efforts on their campuses. Navina was interviewed earlier last week by Tina Stein on the Indiana Tri-State news about the earthquake where she seized the opportunity to share encouraging words and call on everyone’s support for both service providers and those in need.

We continue to keep in touch with our students, assisting them in any way we can and ask that you too remember them in your prayers.

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